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about dj screw

The most famous musical export that Texas ever produced was born in Smithville, Texas. The world came to know him as DJ. Screw.

Beyond Houston’s large infrastructure, Smithville exists on the lip of Austin’s progressive living space. The city has never had a population more than it has now, some 4,000 inhabitants and outside of its initial settlement and founding, the highest total it had was in 2000, with 3,901.

2000 also held the city’s most famous funeral. Men let their arms bear through T-shirts, their inked skin already collecting more tributes than ever before. Some of them cried, others hid behind blocked off sunglasses to hide their pupils and protect their image. It was a funeral but barely anybody wanted to speak about the deceased. It hurt them too much to do so. A smoky, gunmetal casket sat in the middle of the church where the funeral was held, right next to a photo of a man in the center of a makeshift million dollar bill. All of them came for him. Miles away in Houston, an entire community felt like the main tree of its ecosystem had slowly withered to nothingness and died.  R.I.P DJ. Screw.

The most famous hip-hop mind to ever come from Smithville, Texas was named Robert Earl Davis, Jr, aka DJ Screw. He was an A&R even when nobody declared him one. He never rapped on records, just talked. And he talked in such a slurred, Southern drawl that for many in Houston and beyond — it was the voice of a God. The voice of a God whose angels sung in tones that were slowed down, dead-eyed and opiated. All of his tapes were either made for friends or individuals who had become fans. They stood outside of his apartment and later his house, buzzed a ringer at the gate and got their fix. Then they left playing the sounds mandated by his own hands.

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