The Best Dj Screw Albums and Tapes

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The Best Dj Screw Albums and Tapes

Known as a cornerstone of Houston’s culture and worldwide mixtape king, DJ Screw created an upwards of 300 projects during his short 29 years. Some were released posthumously and included never before heard verses from Houston’s hottest rappers.

With a catalogue that includes classics like Wineberry Over Gold, Codeine Fiend and Southside Still Holdin’, for true Screw fans it’s damn near impossible to single out just one. Yet when discussing the Texas legend, there are some that simply can’t be ignored.For those new to the man responsible with introducing the world to Houston’s slow bangin’ sound, here’s a proper introduction. Take notes.

June 27th
Tapes like June 27 will forever hold a spot in hip-hop history, partially due to the title track, an iconic 38-minute freestyle that brought together Texas greats including Big Pokey, Yungstar, Big Moe, D-Mo and more. A two disc tape, the project seamlessly bridges the West Coast with Third Coast music, featuring everyone from the Botany Boyz to Tupac. Putting his versatility and raw skill on full display, June 27th will forever set the bar for changing the art of deejaying.

3 ‘n the Mornin
Filled with slow, southern greatness; the second installment of DJ Screw’s 3 ‘n the Mornin’ (Part 2) series includes classic cuts like Lil Keke’s “Pimp tha Pen.” Using a sample from UGK, Keke’s first verse quickly became synonymous with Screw music, to a certain degree. Also featured are fellow S.U.C. (Screwed Up Click) members E.S.G., Botany Boyz, Al-D as well as Big Moe. It’s a must hear for anyone interested in hearing the true origins of Screw.

As The World Turns Slow
Though it doesn’t always get mentioned when discussing some of DJ Screw’s best work, it should be. This 11-track mixtape features the best of the best in Houston rap lore; reminding Screwheads why they fell in love and persuading new listeners that Screw is indeed the truth. Paying homage to fellow Houstonians with classic tracks including Fat Pat’s “Tops Drop” and Big Moe’s “City of Syrup,” the project also boasts epic tracks from E.S.G., Guerilla Maab, H.A.W.K., Dead End Alliance and more. Don’t sleep on it.

Leanin’ On A Switch
Featuring one of the most iconic freestyles to Peepin’ In My Window by Big Pokey and Lil Keke, DJ Screw’s Leanin’ On A Switch album is not only one of his most well-known, it’s also one of his best. Packed full of great freestyles, the album stands as a testament to the greatness of Screw, in part because of his impeccable screwed up version of D’Angelo’s “Brown Sugar.”

It’s All Good
Not only is it the first time the world got to hear the legendary Fat Pat alongside Houston heavy hitter Lil Keke, It’s All Good also became known for Pat wishing himself “Happy Birthday” along with plenty of feel good music from artists including Biggie, 8-Ball and MJG, Mariah Carey, Master P, Da Brat and Mase. Highlighting Screw’s impeccable ear for great music and skill on the boards, this is one screwtape that fans and new listeners alike can enjoy from front to back.

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